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DA: 6 November, 2014
EN: 26 August, 2015
ES, FR, DE: 17 December, 2015

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Wuwu & Co. - A magical picture book

is an award winning, interactive children's book that offers you a whole new way of experiencing the story. This Nordic tale is now finally out in English, French, Spanish and German. It is available on the Apple App Store, as well as Google Play Store and Amazon.


  • Winner: Digital Ehon Awards: Matsuoka Hiroko Award 2017
  • Winner: Bologna Ragazzi Digitale: Best Fiction 2016
  • Winner: Nordic Game Awards: Best Children’s Game 2015
  • Winner: Danish Awards: Best Original Language Game 2015
  • Nominee: IMGA in three categories:
    • excellence in Innovation
    • excellence in audio design and art
    • meaningful play


  • Wuwu & Co. has won the Bologna Ragazzi Digital award 2016.
  • Wuwu & Co. has been nominated in three categories for the International Mobile Games Awards (IMGA).
  • Wuwu & Co. is a finalist at the CYBILS awards 2016 in the category: book apps.
  • Wuwu & Co. is now out in three new languages: French, Spanish and German.


Wuwu & Co. - A magical picture book is now available in English, French, Spanish and German.

Wuwu & Co.

"It is the coldest winter in two thousand years. Wuwu and her friends in the forest have come to the Little Red House, to ask for your help ... "

You can read the story about Wuwu and her friends when your mobile device is lying down. When you pick it up, you are suddenly looking into the forest where the odd creatures live. Here you can experience Wuwu’s artful world, while you are using your device in various ways to help her friends. You could, for example, shake your device to get the snow off the tree, or shout into it to wake up the Everetts, or even use the camera to find colours in the real world in order to light up the darkness for Storm’s tango loving family.

Wuwu & Co. opens a magical window into the narrative. It's a charming story with surprising physical interactions. Step in books will teach children about the interaction between the physical and the digital world and connect the actual with the virtual.

Explore the five different worlds in the woods and the cosy Little Red House by picking up the iPad or iPhone and shift into the narrative space.

The Characters

Wuwu is a large bird, who lives at the beach. All she ever eats is ice cream and fish, but during the winter the ice cream shop is closed and a dangerous shark is lurking in the waters where she usually gets her fish. Row out with her and aim your iPad or iPhone at the shark to fire a harpoon that will scare it off.

Everett is unable to wake up her siblings. She is a pig-butterfly and her siblings, whose names are also Everett, are sleeping larvae, hanging in cocoons from a large tree known as The Secret Place. Navigate to each cluster of cocoons and shout into the microphone on the mobile device as loud as you can, to help Everett wake them up.

Thit Maya broke all of her four legs when trying to jump into the frozen lake. She and all of her little friends love juicy pine cones, but with Thit Maya's injury, she can't shake them down from the tree and her friends are too little to do it. You can help them by shaking your device to make the pine cones fall down from the tree.

Storm lives at Snow Lantern Field with his fourty uncles and aunts. They all love to dance tango, but during the winter it is very dark at Snow Lantern Field, and the whole family is afraid of the dark. You can help them light their lanterns by using the camera on the mobile device to find a yellow color.

Pruney the troll is deaf so he speaks very loudly. Most of the animals in the forest are afraid of him because of this. Since he lost his match box he hasn't been able to cook his food and is therefore starving. Navigate through the forest by tapping on the screen, to find Pruney's lost match box.


The concept for Wuwu & Co. was to push the boundaries between traditional storytelling and games. The idea was conceived in Denmark at Vallekilde Højskole BookJam back in late 2013. The BookJam is a kind of workshop, in which participants have 48 hours to come up with and develop ideas that expand and challenge the constraints of the traditional book medium. Authors, illustrators and developers would join forces during this time to make this happen. One of the groups in 2013 consisted of Tim Garbos (game developer), Merete Pryds Helle (author), Kamila Slocinska (illustrator) and Aksel Køie (designer and producer). This group created an early version of Wuwu & Co.

At this stage Wuwu & Co. was little more than a prototype, but after receiving funding from the Danish Arts Foundation for further development, we were finally able to develop this prototype into a finished product.

The story for Wuwu & Co. was originally written in Danish but has since been translated into English. The Danish version first launched for iPad on the AppStore on November 6 2014 and then the English version followed on December 21 2014. The iPhone version was launched globally on August 27 2015.


  • New ways to interact with the story world.
  • Five different stories with an option to have them read aloud.
  • New surprising ways to interact with your mobile device.
  • No in-app purchases.
  • Entertainment for the whole family.


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Selected Articles

  • "A good children’s game triggers the players’ curiosity and encourages them to explore. The winner this year has original visuals and engaging storytelling. It lets children take control of the story and explore both the inside and outside of the game world."
    - Nordic Game Awards, May 21st 2015 in Malmö, Sweden, Nordic Game Conference
  • "This years winner is both a delightful excursion into a magical land of hand-drawn doodles and weird, Danish-speaking, creatures, and a great example of how to use the possibilities of the chosen hardware platform to the fullest."
    - Spilprisen, June 11th 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Danish Film Institutes (Danish)
  • "Wuwu & Co. is a digital reading experience out of the ordinary. ★★★★★★ "
    - Jyllands-Posten Kultur, Fantastic digital ice winter (Danish)
  • "Sets completely new standards for digital children’s literature"
    - Danish Literary Magazine, Children & Young Adults 2015 Edition, issuu.com
  • "This app offers the kids opportunity to use their brain as well as body, while exploring a unique universe. ❤❤❤❤❤ "
    - Politiken,
  • "Ceci est une RÉVOLUTION" - "It's a REVOLUTION"
    - Super-Julie, super-julie.fr
  • "Einfach genial" - "Brilliant"
    - Ene Mene Mobile, ene-mene-mobile.de
  • "Det lille røde hus ligger som en rød plet midt i den sort-hvide flade af træer og snekrystaller" - "The little red house lies like a red dot in the middle of the black and white surface of trees and snow crystals"
    - Information,
  • "Wuwu & Co. is stunningly beautiful, it has a compelling effect on the kid, resulting in a very different and unique reading experience. Both my girls were completely immersed."
    - mors-apps.com, mors-apps.com (Danish)
  • "Wuwu & Co. is best described as a naturally occured hybrid; a new kind of experience, emanating from the digital environments digital possibilities."
    - Jyllands-Posten Kultur, Fantastic digital ice winter (Danish)
  • "This is about as far from a Walt Disney production as you can get; and is proof that the iPad brings you new ways to tell a story."
    - Children's Technology Review, Childrenstech.com
  • "[Wuwu & Co.] is in my opinion an artwork for kids."
    - mors-apps.com, mors-apps.com (Danish)
  • "You got to spin around yourself to find your way, so with this app you cannot simply sit still and doze off."
    - mors-apps.com, mors-apps.com (Danish)
  • "Wuwu & Co. manages to combine physical movement, literary immersion, and small challenges to be overcome in a surprisingly effective manner."
    - Jyllands-Posten Kultur, Fantastic digital ice winter (Danish)
  • "You help Wuwu & Co. by solving small assignments, which utilize the iPad’s features in ingenious ways."
    - Jyllands-Posten Kultur, Fantastic digital ice winter (Danish)
  • "This reviewer cannot imagine a finer culmination on the great development in digital storytelling."
    - Jyllands-Posten Kultur, Fantastic digital ice winter (Danish)
  • "Wuwu & Co. consists largely by your own virtual presence in The Little Red House and on the other virtual places..."
    - Jyllands-Posten Kultur, Fantastic digital ice winter (Danish)
  • "The opening image of a cute little red house could look like the front page of any book. However, Wuwu & Co. isn't that at all. [...] the kid steps into a three dimensional universe, it can move around in."
    - Politiken,
  • "We've reviewed a lot of interactive story books here at The Madhouse but we did find this one particularly innovative and engaging. ★★★★★ "
    - Madhouse Family Reviews, Kids' app review : Wuwu & Co.
  • "Wuwu & Co. [...] manages to combine the strengths of two separate worlds - the book's and the game's - to an elegant, coherent creation."
    - Thomas Vigild, Weekendavisen (Danish)
  • "Step In Books combines a strong narrative with surprising physical interaction where the tablet becomes a sort of magical mirror into the story's universe."
    - Thomas Vigild, Weekendavisen (Danish)
  • "The platform subtly pushes children to move between the physical and virtual world in their imagination."
    - Thomas Vigild, Weekendavisen (Danish)
  • "[Wuwu & Co. is] an exciting new Danish app for kids. It is called a step in book, because the child can step into a three-dimensional narrative space."
    - Kirsten Dyhrberg Grønne, litteratursiden.dk (Danish)
  • "Smilla loves it and thinks it's awesome when she has to do things with the iPad to progress."
    - René Høj, godeappstilbørn.dk (Danish)

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About Step In Books

Step In Books is a multi-award winning company that explores spatiality in relation to narratives. We make books on mobile devices that the reader can "step into". We work to further establish intuitive interaction in stories and in films, but Step In Books is already a new way of experiencing stories on mobile devices. By taking advantage of the unique features of tablets and phones, we are able to create a truly interactive way of telling stories. You still read your book, be it illustrated or text-only, but at any time you can "Step into" the story world. It creates an immersive reading experience. Our projects include Wuwu & Co. - a magical picture book, Mur - a step in book, Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto app, that is more like a step in movie, a concept we strive to elaborate further in the future.

More information
More information on Step In Books, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Wuwu & Co. Credits

Merete Pryds Helle

Kamila Slocinska
Illustration and Art Direction

Aksel Køie

Tim Garbos
Interaction Design

André Taono
Development and Technical Design

Jesper Ankarfeldt
Music and Sounds

Paul Russell Garrett

Morten Søndergaard
Danish Narrator

Alistair Findlay
English Narrator

The Wuwu & Co. concept is developed by Tim Garbos, Kamila Slocinska, Merete Pryds Helle and Aksel Køie. The app has been developed and produced by Step In Books.

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