Best Danish Language Game !!!

Awards are raining over our beautiful little app, Wuwu & Co. This time the Danish national awards, Spilprisen, selected our game/book to be the best Danish language game. The award was followed by these laudatory words:

””With a language spoken by as few as five million people, and an industry that is pretty much build around export from the get-go, the Danish language does not always get the attention it might deserve.

However this years winner of the award for Danish Language Game is the proof, that it can definitely be worth creating something specifically around our weird little language.

This years winner is both a delightful excursion into a magical land of hand-drawn doodles and weird, Danish-speaking, creatures, and a great example of how to use the possibilities of the chosen hardware platform to the fullest.”


We are especially proud as the jury is made up of our colleagues in the games bizz. To be chosen as the top Danish language game of the year, is truly a huge honor. Unfortunately, there are not too many games produced in Denmark in Danish. This made Aksel ‘throw the glove’ at the event and encourage game developers to make even better Danish language games in 2016 – where Step In Books will work hard to be contenders again.

Tusind tak for prisen!