Best Nordic Children’s Game !!

Wuwu & Co. won the prize for best nordic children’s game at the Nordic Game Awards! YAY!

”A good children’s game triggers the players’ curiosity and encourages them to explore.
The winner this year has original visuals and engaging storytelling.
It lets children take control of the story and explore both the inside and outside of the game world.”

The winner of Best Nordic Children’s Game is:

Wuwu & Co. – Developed by Step In Books from Denmark

The Nordic Game Awards is a celebration of all of the amazing games that have come out of the Nordic region in the last year. Awards are given to the best games in a variety of categories. Wuwu & Co. was nominated in the Best Children’s Game category, but as the competition in this category was fierce, our expectations were set accordingly low. Therefore, as the curator tore open the envelope and revealed the winner, we couldn’t believe our ears when we heard the words “Wuwu & Co.”!

We are incredibly happy and proud of this prize and hope that this is just the beginning of many good Step In Books titles. Thanks to the Nordic Game Awards for the award and to StoryJam and Danish Arts Foundation for making this all happen.