Wuwu in Norway

Wuwu & Co. was invited to “Nordisk Barnebokkonferanse”, the Nordic books conference for children’s literature, held in Stavanger, Norway, February 2-4. Aksel Køie, founder of Step In Books, was invited to come and talk about Wuwu & Co. and about the challenges confronted while developing a whole new type of product. The talk was held together with Kim Baasch, editor from SMSpress under the name: “Digital Danes”.

Wuwu & Co. received a great amount of attention, and both authors and illustrators were fast to compliment the Step In platform and express their ideas of how they could set their stories with our technology.


In the photo Wuwu & Co.’s graphics artist Kamila Slocinska (right) is doing a QA on the development of the app. Kamila has received a lot of very deserved compliments for her marvelous illustrations and art work through the Wuwu & Co. app.

As a developer and producer it was also great to hear Kamila’s account of the process of creating Wuwu & Co. From the stage she told the vast audience that she felt very involved in the project and enjoyed working alongside our developers. This, it seems, is not common when games meet other media cultures. For us it is essential: how can we produce relevant and good quality content without listening intensely to the people who create the stories?

All in all, it was some splendid couple of days, with Stavanger, bathed in winter sun, as the perfect setting for Nordic children’s literature. Before, during and after the many talks and events, authors, illustrators, publishers and now also developers were mingling and networking. Thanks for having us. Tack!

While we were there, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet did an interview with Aksel Køie in an article about the “Digital Danes” attending the books conference. The article discusses the current state of the digital book industry and the need for innovation within that space.



Selected quotes by Aksel Køie:

        “There are so many apps out there but only two app market places. That we’re lacking market places is a big problem. The largest task for digital marketing people is to speak with Apple-employees.”

        “The publishers are ready to try new things. The market is too pressured that it hinders risk-taking, so they bet on things, which have sold in the past.”

        “Most of what has been done isn’t at all innovative. I’m convinced that there is a market out there, but so far the children’s book industry has failed miserably, says Køie, who believes that the key is to get game designers and artists to cooperate. He is himself a game developer and comp.lit.”

        “There’s a lot of kitsch within game design. They know how to make innovative things, which engage children, but they don’t work with art. On the other hand you got all the artists, who don’t know what engages. Those two groups must meet.”

Read the full article here (Norwegian – login required).