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we work with authors and artists to bring stories to life on tablets and smartphones.
Step In Books is an award-winning company developing innovative experiences on mobile devices. You read a step in book just like any other digital book on your tablet or phone, but on certain pages you can lift up the device to step in to the fictional world, as described in the book. Here your mobile device acts as a magical mirror, or a portal, to look into the fictional world. ikon_ipad_op
Established as a front runner for digital storytelling in the Nordics, we have experience working with authors and artists, and we know how important it is to preserve and enhance the original artistic vision of the fictional work. Therefore our projects are very different and tailor-made to focus on the unique artistic properties of each fictional piece. We work closely with the creative forces behind the original work to ensure that the project is heading in the right direction.

current and past projects.

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Mur wins Bologna Ragazzi Digital 2017!

For the second year in a row, Step In Books have won the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award. This year for our work, Mur. Mur is based on the book: “A...

Wuwu wins Bologna Ragazzi Digital 2016!

We are extremely grateful and honoured that “Wuwu & Co. – A Magical Picture Book” has been selected among 177 entries from 30 countries to win the BOLOGNA RAGAZZI DIGITAL...

Wuwu & Co. nominated for IMGA!

Wuwu & Co. – A magical picture book has been nominated in three (!) categories for this year’s IMGA – International Mobile Gaming Awards. Wuwu & Co. is nominated in...

Best Danish Language Game !!!

Awards are raining over our beautiful little app, Wuwu & Co. This time the Danish national awards, Spilprisen, selected our game/book to be the best Danish language game. The award...

Best Nordic Children’s Game !!

Wuwu & Co. won the prize for best nordic children’s game at the Nordic Game Awards! YAY! ”A good children’s game triggers the players’ curiosity and encourages them to explore....

Wuwu in Norway

Wuwu & Co. was invited to “Nordisk Barnebokkonferanse”, the Nordic books conference for children’s literature, held in Stavanger, Norway, February 2-4. Aksel Køie, founder of Step In Books, was invited...

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Aksel Køie
André Taono
Bela Marian Deneș
Pierre Mervaillie
Pablo Sarmiento
Jesper Ankarfeldt

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